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Master Mind College of Education
Campus :
Dabwali Road, Vill. ,
Gehri Butar, Bathinda (Punjab)

Principal's  Message

Dr. Satinder Kaur Brar
Mastermind College of Education,

In case the entire knowledge, inventions and discoveries, the entirety of civilisations, the totality of holistic values and principles are summed up together the teacher is still greater. Only the teacher leads disciples from alphabets to the ultimate goal of life, the self realisation. But in the modern era the teacher has lost glow and glory. So much so that opting for teaching as profession in the last choice for career aspirants.

 The question arises why has teacher lost his glow and glory? Why has he been cast into darker shades in this world which is otherwise full of glamour and comforts? Who is responsible for such apathetic status of teacher? The answer is that teacher himself is responsible for this fall from vortex to nadir of  course the political interference lop- sided educational planning, and the impractical conclusions are responsible for the fall of dignity of a teacher also.

The RTE Act 2009 though full of mission is a noble effort on the part of government, yet its infirmities and inherent weaknesses have made education a none delivering in practice. The lack of a proper evaluation system and absence of accountability of teachers will produce educationally handicapped lot only. A student who is promoted to ninth standard is not able to the write alphabet and simple numbers. Isn’t teacher responsible for ruining the life of a student who otherwise had potential for excellence. The teachers must commit themselves to teach the pupils even if there are infirmities in RTE Act. No system of Education and no law will change the fate of deprived section of children until government institutions become the first choice of students and their parents.

It is the teacher who transforms intelligence into wisdom. It is the teacher who transforms information into knowledge and it is again the teacher who transforms the knowledge into practice. Only learned human resources can accelerate the economic growth and bring enrichment and quality in life.

Illiterate, unskilled human resources  shall mar the glory of a nation and the civilisation despite colossal human resources. The only panacea of national problems is Education and the panacea of all ills is Education and Educator only .

Therefore teachers must work with mission and professional commitment, not only to bring back their own glow and glory but to ameliorate mankind of its all ills and evils. A teacher is really an incarnation of destiny of a nation. Let teachers build India to lead the world in all goodness and prosperity. This goal can be achieved through class-rooms. The teachers must work basing themselves on the principle “still achieving, still pursuing” and even the sky is not the limit. I suggest in teachers to keep in mind the lines of Robert Frost,

                        Woods are lovely dark and deep,

                          But I have promises to keep,

                          And miles to go before I sleep,

                          And miles to go before I sleep.

Dr.Satinder Kaur Brar
Email : mmce2005@gmail.com

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